Weird Junior High

Weird Junior High is about the rough stages in life kids have to tackle but with hilarious twists. Set in a modern day junior high scenario each kid must adjust to growing up and other strange wackiness.

They need to relate to each other as well as prevent strange math portals of evil from opening, beat the ultimate mega go cart race and visit other rival junior highs. As the kids of Weird Junior High go on their adventures, they soon find secrets about their school and its founder, unraveling even more excitement.

The Weird Junior High gang tries to live up to their famous and strange relatives, as well as pass math class. The gang also has to deal with the surrounding junior highs such as Pirate High, Robot High, Pretend High, Ninja High, Zombie High and Sci-Fi High as well as many others.

They just may survive Junior High if they don’t drive each other crazy first but what would Junior High be without a little adventure.



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