The Skeptics

The Agent From the Hive and The Skeptics

Intestine City of Consciousness, is the battleground for all these new exo-humans. It is also the stage where the High Castes, the gods of this world play their games of power and divinity. A city of ten million people, It is a megalopolis where all humans and exo-humans try to adapt and survive into this brave new world. In the middle of this power play lies the Skeptics, a mercenary group that specializes in doing the dirty work for all that can pay their price. They serve the highest bidder, and due to their fame and success, they also have a great number of rivals in the City of the Gods. Their stories are full of action, betrayal and death.

Each story is a mix of the futuristic film noir similar to Blade Runner, the bleakness of Frank Miller’s Sin City, with a mix of altered humans. Come and experience Intestine city yourself and get prepared for the future!

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