Fahrenheit 100

Fahrenheit 100o – THE MERC PACK – Dangerously funny

Merc Pack is an action – adventure – comedy animation. It’s funnier than Pulp Fiction meets the A-Team. It’s is a pack of extreme personalities trying to get along.

A British wannabe spy, a hot tempered Mid-western ex-marine, a funky New Yorker unemployed cop, a young Californian hacker/surfer and a teenage bombshell with a silver spoon. This pretentious bunch is hired for the strangest jobs, but, together, it’s hard to make things work.

From big cities to tropical jungles, who knows where Auston Jones, Tony Brasa, Bruce Pez, Cool 9 and Lucienne will be next? Blend Agent Smart, Charlies Angels, Shaft, Die Hard, Miami Vice, put all that 70’s and 80’s spice to this wireless world of today, you get the comedy sitcom of tomorrow.

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