SeanCreative Director
The highly caffeinated captain of this whole affair, he brings his amazing talent and 15 years experience along with his deep knowledge of the gaming and animation industries.


CristianoDevelopment Director
He is a master of 2D and 3D art with over 13 years in graphic arts experience. He is head of the Brazilian Branch – Big Jack Studios. He brings his awesome art production skills & insight to the table.


MarwanExecutive Producer
Marwan is one of the big boys of our company and is an amazing talent. With 15 years in video games and entertainment he helps spear head our killer original IP projects for mass consumption.


BorkoLead Technical Artist
Not only can he produce great artwork but he’ll write a plug-in to make it reach out and punch you in the face, ok well maybe a nice flick in the ear. He is one of our senior guys and is very talented. Borko is head of our European office and his team was just nominated for an academy award in animation.

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